TehoDrain underground drainage pipes

salaojaputki salaojaputket salaoja salaojitusTehoDrain – underground drain pipe is non-clogging. Choose TehoDrain – drain pipes when you want a reliable and maintenance-free solution. At the same time you save money and you keep the value of your property in the future. We are consulted when the underground drainage system of a building demands a long-lasting, maintenance-free and reliable, functioning solution.

TehoDrain underground drain pipes are suitable for effective underground drainage system and desiccation. Sights can be the groundwork of buildings, roads, industrial- as well as sport facilities, where there are high demands for long-lasting functionality. This drainage system is also suitable for especially challenging circumstances as well as for sights that require definitive functionality.


1 – Reliable

salaojaputketTehoDrain- drain pipes do not get clogged. In the pipe, the differentiation of fine terrestrial particles from the ground in the water of the pipe happens through gravity. Because of this technique litter does not get moved inside the pipe to cause any clogging. Inside the pipe there is high, (so called cutting) flow rate, so it also removes for example the particles that were left in the pipe during the installation process. As a filling material of the pit where the pipe is installed can be used a very well water permeable 8-16 size gravel, when the water is also directed quickly from the ground into the pipe. The pipe is completely compressed except for the channel where the water is supposed to flow in, so it will lead out the water effectively. The pipe will not wet the ground, because the water does not leak back into the ground. Because of this, there are no roots from plants to find their way into the pipe.


2 – Maintenance-free

salaojaputkiTehoDrain is maintenance-free, because:

  • The pipe does not function on the basis of filtering
  • Strange particles do not enter the pipe
  • Roots do not enter the pipe
  • Large flow rate makes the pipe self-cleansing


3 – Cost effective

By choosing TehoDrain drain pipes, you save costs now and in the future: you save with the filling materials and maintenances. TehoDrain does not ever need also filter fabrics. Do it right once and save:

  • As a filling material of the pit can be used 8-16 size gravel
  • TehoDrain functions without washed gravel and filter fabric
  • The pipe does not need to be maintained with high pressure washes
  • The drainage technique is not based on filtering, which means that its effectiveness is not lost with time.


Avoid problems occuring from dampness and contact us way before starting the underground drainage project. From us you can also buy other materials needed, wells and hinged tees.