TehoDrain – underground drain pipes

TehoDrain is a maintenance-free and non-clogging drain pipe, that is a reliable solution for the underground drainage systems of buildings and properties. TehoDrain is a drain pipe that functions on the basis of gravity separation.

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Your underground drainpipes are clogged – why?

Traditional drainpipes function on the basis of utilizing filters. On average 90 % of their efficiency disappears within 3 years from installation. The pipes silt up and become sludged. The pipes also become clogged by roots and the iron levels of the ground. Dry drainpipes do not always mean a well-functioning system.

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Picture: Clogged filter drainage pipes.

A problem can also be Geo-textile filters clogged by terrestrial fine particles. A filter is always a temporary solution and is to be used in a place where they can be changed easily. If drainpipes do not function properly it can at worst mean moist conditions in the building leading to problems with damp and mould.

TehoDrain drainpipes do not need a geotextile filtering system to work. The terrestrial fine particles are separated in the pipe by the gravity separation function. For this reason TehoDrain is non-clogging and maintenance-free.